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What does the KVC do for Kansas?

Through AmeriCorps and Volunteer Generation Fund, the Kansas Volunteer Commission provides CNCS funding to over 15 programs throughout the state.  These programs address a variety of needs and issues within their communities, ranging from education environment, health youth, emergency response, poverty hunger, and much more.

Through other types of funding, KVC regularly offers mini-grant opportunities, background check grants to mentoring programs and training.

Since 1994, over 8,500 Kansans have served more than 7 million hours as AmeriCorps member, qualifying for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award totaling over $13.7 million.

Currently, over 620 AmeriCorps members are serving the state of Kansas.  Most of these members are between the ages 18-25, the age group which has the highest unemployment rate.  AmeriCorps is putting young Kansans to work in a much more productive way than the unemployment line.

What does National Service do for Kansas?

Over $92 million worth of direct services are provided at a cost of just $7.7 million to the federal government.

In Kansas, more than 10,000 people participate in national service each year through 61 national service projects and programs.

Click here to find more information on national service in general.

Examples of services provided by these programs are:

  • Disaster relief/assistance
  • Mentor/tutor
  • Positive youth development programming for disadvantaged children and youth
  • Education on health care services for low-income Kansans
  • Senior Companions for homebound seniors and older adults
  • Safety patrols for local police departments
  • Environmental projects
  • Engaging youth in community service linked to academic achievement and civic engagement

Want to learn more?

For more information on how nonprofits, schools, or governmental agencies can access Kansas Volunteer Commission's resources, contact us at 785-368-6207.

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