2018-2019 AmeriCorps Kansas


AmeriCorps Kansas Information


2018-2019 AmeriCorps Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF)

AmeriCorps Education Award amounts announced for the 2018-2019 grant year 

Application Instructions (PDF)

Performance Measure Instructions (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Organizational Capacity Survey (DOCX)

Performance Measures Template (DOCX)

Logic Model Template (DOCX)

AmeriCorps Kansas Budget Worksheet (XLSX)

2018-2019 Grant Narrative Template (DOCX)


2018-2019 AmeriCorps Timeline

Date & Time

Release of the Kansas NOFO

 October 12, 2017

Technical Assistance Webinars

 October 19, 2017 – November 9, 2017

Preliminary Applications due to KVC via E-mail (Required)

 January 5, 2018 by 4:00 pm CST

KVC Staff Review of Applications

 January 8  – January 26, 2018

Preliminary Feedback & Revisions Requested

 January 26, 2018

Final Application (with revisions) due to KVC

 February 16, 2018

Clarification Process

 March 12 – April 23, 2018

KVC Tentative Formula Grant Awards

 May 25, 2018

Mandatory Sub-grantee Meeting

 July 2018


Technical Assistance

Kansas Volunteer Commission

KVC will host a number of webinars related to AmeriCorps. We encourage all potential applicants to participate in the relevant KVC technical assistance webinars. Registration is not required for these sessions.

AmeriCorps Topic

Webinar Date & Time

AmeriCorps Basics & NOFO Overview

  AmeriCorps Basics & NOFO Overview Webinar

Program Design

Program Design Webinar 

Performance Measures

Performance Measures Webinar

Budget & Overview

Budget & Overview Webinar