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LeaderCorps members are current AmeriCorps Kansas who were nominated by their program staff to strengthen the national service movement and promote awareness of AmeriCorps Kansas through outreach, collaboration and encouraging member engagement. During their service year, LeaderCorps members will plan service events, conduct outreach presentations, share their AmeriStories on social media, and represent AmeriCorps Kansas at KVC-supported events throughout their service year. These members have agreed to take on an additional leadership role so they can grow personally and professionally while also spreading the message of AmeriCorps’ impact in Kansas. You can read more about the 2019 LeaderCorps members below and the KVC will announce the 2020 LeaderCorps members on January 24, 2020. For more information on this program, please contact us at


Ariane Wright Brand Ambassador

Asher Dean is a first-year AmeriCorps Kansas member with the United Way of Douglas County serving at the Lawrence Public Library. Asher is originally from Southern CA and enjoys music, sports, traveling, watching YouTube videos, Drag, and anything Disney. Asher was the 12th person from his family to attend and later graduate from the University of Kansas where he earned degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies. His favorite part of being an AmeriCorps Kansas member is giving back to a community which has done so much for him. At the Lawrence Public Library, Asher coordinates the Community Resource Clinic and monthly Health Spot displays. Asher plans to use his education award to further his education and hopes to work at KU’s Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity.

DeJanelle Lockett Brand Ambassador

Haley Glover is a second-year AmeriCorps Kansas member serving at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence. She joined AmeriCorps as a way to help her community and the youth at the Boys & Girls Club. She was raised in Lawrence and is studying Social Welfare at the University of Kansas. Haley loves planning things, being with friends, making pottery and watching Netflix. As an AmeriCorps Kansas member, she works with students one-on-one in a classroom setting and facilitates group activities for the after-school programs. She plans to earn her Master’s degree in Social Welfare and to be a wedding planner as a side job.

Irene Fredrick Brand Amassador


Ivy Icenhour is a first-year AmeriCorps Kansas member serving at Derby Hills Elementary in Derby, KS. She is currently attending Wichita State University for Biology with aspirations to pursue a career in animal behavior research and eventually to become a biology teacher. Ivy enjoys playing video games, art, reading and is currently teaching herself sign language. She believes AmeriCorps is an opportunity to serve her community and the youth to its fullest. Her favorite part of being an AmeriCorps member is getting to work with children every day and networking with others in her community. Ivy is proud to be part of LeaderCorps to give back and show her appreciation for the community that has helped shape her. 


Jess Carabajel Brand Ambassador

Jordan Middleton is a first-year AmeriCorps Kansas member serving at Pomona State Park in Vassar. Originally from Osage City, she is a recent high school graduate who loves hunting, fishing, archery, watching football and hanging out with friends. On any given day, you can find Jordan planting new trees, rebuilding birdhouses, replacing equipment, repairing horseshoe pits, or preparing wildlife presentations for students. Jordan’s favorite part about being an AmeriCorps Kansas member is getting to interact with the public and learning new skills every day. Her dream is to become a law enforcement park ranger. Jordan is excited to be part of LeaderCorps because she wants to be a better leader and represent AmeriCorps as best she can.

Miranda Coffey Brand Ambassador



Kayte Stewart is a first-year AmeriCorps Kansas member serving at Harvesters – The Community Food Network. She is a recent graduate from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Biochemistry and is also a trained EMT. She loves playing volleyball and hanging with her German Shepherd, Eva. As an AmeriCorps Kansas member, Kayte helps individuals understand the benefits of Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or SNAP. She attends many community events where she informs others about this resource and how to apply. She is excited to be part of LeaderCorps because she has the power and energy to get things done. Kayte plans to use her education award for medical school.

Tori Grammar Brand Ambassador

Pat Lewis is a third-year AmeriCorps Kansas member serving at Kansas City Kansas Public Schools. As a native Kansan, Pat enjoys traveling and watching classic television. She is a mother of three, grandmother of seven, and a great-grandmother to one. She enjoys being an AmeriCorps Kansas member since it gives her an opportunity to serve and give back to her community. At her service site, she tutors K-5 students in reading, math, and character education. Her goal is always to encourage students to become lifelong learners and to pursue their unique dreams. For Pat, being part of LeaderCorps is another way to be an asset to her community and the students in the USD 500 school district.


Samanthe Burton-Bosket is a second-year AmeriCorps Kansas member serving at Rosedale Development Association. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Samanthe holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a Minor in Organizational Development. In her spare time, she loves to read, write, analyze leadership patterns in movies and TV shows, and take landscape photos. A fun fact about Samanthe is that she has written a full-length Fantasy novel which will be able available to purchase in June 2019. During her term of service, Samanthe supports the Rosedale community by helping youth after-school programming in the Healthy Kids Program. To her, AmeriCorps is a great service that few know about, but the impact is felt in many communities. She wants to be part of LeaderCorps to promote and spread the news about the benefits of AmeriCorps. Her favorite part of serving is seeing the difference AmeriCorps can make in people’s lives.