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AmeriCorps State and National is a broad network of grant-funded AmeriCorps programs. It provides financial support to public and nonprofit organizations that sponsor service programs around the country, including hundreds of community- and faith-based organizations, higher education institutions, Indian tribes, and public agencies.

Grants provide assistance to programs to recruit, train, and supervise AmeriCorps members meeting critical community needs in the areas of education, disaster services, health, environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, and service to veterans and military families. Grant applicants design service activities for a team of members serving full- or part-time for up to one year or during the summer.

An AmeriCorps National Program differs from an AmeriCorps State program in that the program is placing AmeriCorps members in service in at least two states or is an Indian tribe. A National program is a direct grantee of CNCS whereas a State program is a direct grantee of Kansas Volunteer Commission.


  • A national nonprofit organization that operates in two or more states.
  • An Indian tribe.
  • A consortium formed across two or more states, consisting of institutions of higher education or other nonprofits, including labor, faith-based, and other community organizations.

Available Funding:

Selected applicants receive federal grant funds to support their proposed AmeriCorps program. The amount of funding received is based upon the number of AmeriCorps members being requested, the funding type awarded, and the approved application budget.  

When to Apply:

Application instructions are typically made available in October with an application deadline in January. A Letter of Intent may be required; therefore, interested organizations should be diligent about reviewing available application materials and any relevant deadlines.

Learn more about how to become an AmeriCorps National Program: 

If you are an AmeriCorps National program looking for information on the Consultation Process, please contact Jessica Noble by calling 785-296-3163 or emailing