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Ariane Wright Brand Ambassador

Ariane serves at Harvesters – The Community Food Network in Topeka, KS. Originally from Lawrence she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Kansas. Some of her favorite things include running, Kansas Public Radio, researching local history and genealogy. In fact, her great-great-grandpa was Forrest “Phog” Allen’s brother. She believes AmeriCorps is about serving our community, developing professionally and cultivating a lifelong service orientation. She loves educating volunteers about the impact of their service and how their efforts contribute to Harvesters’ mission. On any given day, you can find Ariane scheduling volunteers, planning special community events, leading service learning and completing speaking engagements on Harvesters’ behalf. Ariane hopes her time as a Brand Ambassador will help recruit future AmeriCorps Kansas members. Upon completing her service, she would like to work at a nonprofit, library or archive and plans to use the education award for graduate school.


DeJanelle Lockett Brand Ambassador

DeJanelle, a second year AmeriCorps Kansas member with the United Way of Douglas County serving at the Lawrence Community Shelter (LCS), loves traveling, swimming and spending time with her family. Her AmeriCorps motto is to raise the standard and get things done. Her favorite part of being an AmeriCorps Kansas member is working with the guests at her service site. At LCS, she stays busy by drafting resumes, helping individuals apply for SNAP benefits, searching for affordable housing options and researching employment opportunities. As a Brand Ambassador, DeJanelle wants to highlight the rewards of serving by sharing her accomplishments. She plans to use her education awards to pursue a degree in music therapy.

Irene Fredrick Brand Amassador


Irene is an AmeriCorps Kansas member with the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence. Some of Irene’s favorite things include swimming, cross country running, mountains, nature, hiking and working out at the gym. Originally from St. Louis, MO, she loves being able to develop children’s minds as an AmeriCorps member. To her, AmeriCorps is about serving the community and helping children grow into intellectual and responsible adults. She stays busy at her site by facilitating activities like Triple Play, Smart Moves, STEM and Pride + 1 which engages children in science, physical activities, arts and math. Irene has learned many lessons while being an AmeriCorps member like the importance of patience and to always persevere. Her AmeriCorps experiences have changed her life positively and she wants others to see the power of national service and consider joining AmeriCorps. Her professional goals include becoming a physical therapist at a wellness center and working with at-risk communities to support their health needs.


Jess Carabajel Brand Ambassador

Jess serves at Harvesters – The Community Food Network in Topeka and believes that AmeriCorps is a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth. Jess’s duties include welcoming volunteers, providing educational tours, and facilitating service learning activities to deepen the volunteer experience. They love creative arts such as digital drawing, singing, theater, and animation. One fun fact about Jess is that they have a twin brother. Jess feels the AmeriCorps Kansas experience has opened many doors for them. As a Brand Ambassador, Jess hopes to inspire others not to give up hope for a successful future, believing that AmeriCorps can change your life. Jess wants to make the world a better place and aspires to be a community leader or movement organizer.


Miranda Coffey Brand Ambassador



Miranda is an AmeriCorps Kansas member at Rosedale Development Association and hails from Friend, NE. She serves as one of the Community Garden and Orchard Care Coordinators. At her site, she does it all from assisting with bike repairs, supporting youth sports, to teaching a neighborhood nutrition program. She claims to be a major foodie and loves trying obscure foods or visiting a new restaurant. Miranda loves being an AmeriCorps Kansas member because she is able to engage and learn from her community. She has seen the positive impact AmeriCorps makes in the Rosedale community and knows national service is a valuable resource for Kansas. Miranda wanted to be a Brand Ambassador to share her AmeriStory with others. She has become more civically engaged as a result of her AmeriCorps service. Miranda wants others to know that AmeriCorps builds your professional resume while allowing you to give back to the community.


Tori Grammar Brand Ambassador

Tori is an AmeriCorps Kansas member with the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence. Tori knows that her AmeriCorps service is a chance to impact someone’s life. Her term of service involves tutoring, assisting with homework, and encouraging outside play. Tori wanted to be an AmeriCorps Kansas Brand Ambassador to tell everyone that AmeriCorps is a great opportunity to serve your community. Tori was a wrestling state champion in 2014 and plans to use her Eli Segal Education Award to pursue a degree in physical education at Ottawa University.