This event has now passed, stay turned for 2019 webinar information!

Winter Webinar Series Promo


The Kansas Volunteer Commission is happy to announce a professional development opportunity from the comfort of your office!

The Winter Webinar Series is a virtual training series designed for volunteer and mentoring professionals in Kansas. This online event will feature five unique speakers from Monday, February 12 – Friday, February 16. By registering, you will have access to the daily webinars broadcasted live from 1pm – 2pm and the recorded versions for later use.

You will need a computer with audio and internet to access these webinars. It is not necessary to have a webcam. Cost is $25 per attendee and pre-registration is required by February 9. Reserve your virtual spot today:



Creating a Culture of Engagement - Jennifer Bennett, Senior Manager of Education and Training at VolunteerMatch


Jennifer Bennett



 What creates an organization’s culture? We’ll examine how goals, values, and beliefs can shape how volunteers are viewed within an organization. It's important to create a culture of inclusion and engagement of volunteers within your organization. But, it can be hard to recognize what your current culture says to volunteers, or identify how to make changes to help volunteers feel more welcome. This webinar will help you identify how your organization's current culture is shaping or limiting what volunteers do, and provide steps you can take to start to create more understanding, respect, and appreciation for engaging volunteers.









Powerful Listening: Building Marketing Strategies on a Strong Foundation  - Brittany Stiffler-Crabtree, Senior Strategist at Jones Huyett Partners

      Brittany Stiffler-Crabtree     

Wondering why you seem to only be reaching the same people with your message? Looking for new brand champions and audiences? Join this webinar to learn how to build a strong foundation for your marketing strategies by using effective listening tools. As a senior strategist with jones huyett Partners, Brittany utilizes these tools on a daily basis to help partners identify their key objectives and target audiences. She also incorporates the Kansas Leadership Center’s principles into this presentation to help you garner internal support for these strategies.



The Three C’s of Happy Volunteers - Dana Litwin, Volunteer Programs Administrator at Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

         Dana Litwin

Keep and attract the best talent to your volunteer pool by understanding "The 3 C's". This fun webinar offers practical, scalable solutions for any sized organization to improve volunteer engagement and retention.  At the end of this session, participants will be able to apply the core concepts of "The 3 C's" with practical examples to build organizational capacity, increase volunteer satisfaction, and build volunteers' connection to their mission. This webinar is suitable for all volunteer administration experience levels; novices to directors will gain valuable tools and insight from "The 3 C's of Happy Volunteers".



The Win-Win: Preparing Staff to Work with Volunteers Effectively & Enthusiastically - Tobi Johnson, Tobi Johnson and Associates


 Tobi Johnson  

If you place volunteers with departments outside your own, you have no doubt felt the pain of investing countless hours cultivating new volunteers only to have them leave because of a bad experience. It’s clear that helping each co-worker (or volunteer leader) provide a quality experience is Job #1. But how to start? One way to help staff appreciate volunteers (rather than be annoyed by them) is to help them become more comfortable with their leadership role. Unfortunately, most nonprofit staff receive little, if any, training on supervisory skills. You can change that. In this “train-the-trainer” webinar, we’ll share ways to support the development of better leadership skills in your co-workers (and volunteer leaders), even if they have no supervisory experience. We’ll share training ideas, practical tips, and provide you handouts you can use right away in your staff trainings.




Program Risk Management: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Organization

Amber Bourek, Volunteer Engagement Manager at Harvesters – The Community Food Network


 Amber Bourek Slater

Risk is a factor, even in the nonprofit sector.  The way your nonprofit goes about handling risk can make all the difference in how potential threats impact your organization. A risk management plan incorporates policies, procedures and practices for each potential risk associated with your volunteer program.  This webinar will discuss risk management and how you can take simple steps to ensure safety for your clients, volunteers, and your organization’s reputation.