Volunteer Generation Fund

VGF Recipients


The Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) is a new opportunity created by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.  The purpose of the VGF is to increase the number of people who serve in meaningful roles as volunteers dedicated to addressing important needs in communities across Kansas.  More specifically, VGF will support efforts that expand the capacity of volunteer-connector organizations to recruit, manage, support and retain individuals to serve in high quality volunteer assignments.

The Kansas Volunteer Commission is honored to be one of the first recipients of a Volunteer Generation Fund grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service.  The VGF will allow KVC to make funding available for the creation of new, or the expansion of existing, volunteer-connector organizations.  By building the capacity of these organizations, we are helping to empower all Kansans to meet community needs through volunteer service.



BARTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE (Serving Barton and Pawnee counties)

RSVP of Central Kansas/Volunteers In Action (RSVP NIA) will create a site based volunteer hub in Larned, KS to recruit volunteers and help with non-emergency medical transportation. RSVP NIA will manage the site through a newly recruited non-paid volunteer coordinator. This site will make it more convenient for area volunteer coordination and provide an opportunity for the coordinator and volunteers to establish community-based and community-focused programming. Funding from the Volunteer Generation Fund will pay for 60% of a paid part-time program coordinator, travel to and from the volunteer hub, travel and accommodations for the Kansas Volunteer Commission training. The funding will also help with laptop, MiFi and printer as well as advertising and postage needs. The part-time paid program coordinator will provide training and support for area medical providers and non-profit agencies; including best practices for volunteer management as well as recruitment of registered volunteers to share across agencies.


FLINT HILLS VOLUNEER CENTER (Serving Geary, Pottawatomie and Riley counties)

The Flint Hills Volunteer Center is driven by its mission of connecting volunteers to the needs of our community. As our community grows rapidly, the issues we face continue to increase in providing resources for unmet basic human needs. The Flint Hills Volunteer Center will pursue opportunities in which the collaborative approach provides the greatest promise for driving positive solutions that can be implemented locally among community partners. With this grant award, and a part-time Outreach Coordinator, we will work tirelessly with the local non-profit agencies and community-at-large to identify those needs and implement a strategy to meet the needs for assistance. We will recruit from all sectors of the community: college students, veterans, youth groups, baby boomers, senior citizens, and the corporate sector.

ONE HEART PROJECT (Serving Johnson, Shawnee and Wyandotte counties)

The mission of One Heart Project Kansas Mentoring Initiative (OHP-KMI) is to rescue and restore youth offenders, ages 13-19, through mentoring and equipping them with the necessary tools, skills and relationships for a true second chance. The initiative is a collaborative with county juvenile probation departments, state juvenile justice leadership, partner agencies, and volunteer networks. OHP-KMI is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to change this population’s life trajectory to thrive in life. We engage youth offenders in a correctional or detention facility shortly after the arrest period, and continue the relationship during re-entry and beyond. OHP-KMI provide a holistic approach through a network of relationships that focuses on: (1) Training, (2) Mentoring, (3) Education, and (4) Workforce Development, along with legal amelioration and an array of aftercare services while continuing to support with a relational network. Results consistently reduce recidivism rates, increase early releases on good behavior, produce profound positive attitudinal and behavioral changes while demonstrate prosocial skill and social and emotional intelligence acquisition. The initiative includes a rigorous research, including a longitudinal study.


UNITED WAY OF FRANKLIN COUNTY ASSOCIATION (Serving Anderson, Franklin and Linn counties)

In addition to Franklin County, The United Way of Franklin County Association (UWFCA) was recently assigned to service Anderson and Linn Counties by United Way World Wide (UWW). About the same time, United Way Member Agency, ECKAN (a KVC identified Volunteer Center), began to work diligently to revitalize a once active Volunteer Center in our region. Since 2014, UWFCA has been acting as a Volunteer Center due to fluctuation in staff at ECKAN and a strong need for volunteer placement in our community. With new enthusiastic staff at ECKAN and UWW's assignment to expand, it has been decided that UWFCA should work to support ECKAN in its Volunteer Center redevelopment. The goal of this project is to reduce duplication of services in our area by allowing UWFCA to transition from an acting Volunteer Center into the recruitment arm of ECKAN's Volunteer Center with a mission to expand community volunteerism.