Kansas Assoc. of Volunteer Engagers


KAVE is now official!! For those of you who have been following the development of this support group for volunteer engagers, you already know KAVE stands for Kansas Association of Volunteer Engagers. For those of you who are just learning about KAVE, the informal association is a joint venture of Volunteer Kansas and Kansas Volunteer Commission.

The mission of KAVE is to inspire, support, and encourage Kansas who recruit and utilize volunteers. We are thrilled to announce we now have a shared electronic platform for helping us accomplish this mission.

As a gift to you, Volunteer Kansas has purchased the licensing for the first year’s use of Basecamp – a real-time communication tool that helps groups collaborate, communicate, share, and learn. It is easy to use and configurable to individual’s desires. Want notified every time something is posted to Basecamp? No problem. Prefer to be notified only once a day? Can do. Don’t want to be bothered and will log in when you want to see updates? You can do that too. 

You are formally invited to become a part of KAVE by joining our Basecamp team. Just click this link: KAVE Basecamp. For an instruction manual on Basecamp's features, click HERE! Or watch an 8-minute Basecamp Tutorial, HERE! Feel free to add documents in the Online Library or pose a question on the Message Board.

We hope you will take advantage of KAVE Basecamp and share all things “Volunteer.”


Nola Brown, Volunteer Kansas

Jamie Crispin, Kansas Volunteer Commission