KAVE is fueled by the passion and expertise of volunteer managers across the state. To continue its work, we need your help to maintain and grow KAVE. Consider joining one of the below subcommittees. It is a great opportunity to network with others, support your colleagues, and build your resume. Please email us at volunteer@ksde.org If you are interested in learning more. 

Build KAVE Basecamp Community

  • Recruit new users to Basecamp (promote it in your area)
  • Post relevant material, when applicable
  • Add resources to library
  • Add events or trainings to the calendar
  • Welcome new users on a weekly basis
  • Provide feedback to administrators about new folders in Online Library

KAVE Webinar Series

  • Help recruit virtual presenters
  • Help promote the webinar series
  • Create webinar calendar
  • Create graphic for webinar series

Volunteer Manger Group Support

  • Create a guide of best practices for someone to start their own group
  • Lead or co-lead a volunteer manager group in your area
  • Find untapped areas and try to locate someone who will create a group in their area
  • Help provide speaker recommendations or topic ideas
  • Create a KAVE speaker’s bureau for volunteer manager groups